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Terms and Conditions

During the checkout process, you will have to check a box (virtual signature) stating that you read our terms and conditions. When you check that box, you the customer will be bound by and are stating that you fully understand and agree to the following terms and conditions, concerning the sale and or purchase of anything found on our website.

Age Requirement

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any product(s) from AIRFRAG. This means, if you are an underage minor, do not attempt to make a purchase! AIRFRAG and or the credit card holder will catch you, due to the reasons found in the next section.

Fraudulent credit card use

If you steal or borrow your parents, friend’s parents or a perfect stranger’s credit card, to pass yourself off as being 18 years of age, it won't work! We do conduct reviews of orders on a regular basis, especially concerning age verification and if you are the true card holder. Remember as always, the order ships to the billing address and to the name that is on the card. In other words, the card holder is going to get the package, not the underage child or credit card thief! If you do decide to try anyway, keep in mind that we will do everything in our power, to see that you are brought up on criminal charges!

Order processing

Orders are normally processed automatically, through our gateway at 12:00am (midnight) EST, the date the order is placed. Once an order has been processed, it can't be cancelled or changed. We will try our best to answer email and or phone calls concerning order cancellations or changes, however we simply can't promise or guarantee to catch the change. This means you should make sure before placing an order, that you are ready to do so and want everything on the order.

Concerning sale items: We at AIRFRAG often place items on sale or offer promo codes to help you save money. This means that if an item goes on sale, the day after your order is placed a credit will not be issued for the difference. Sign up for our newsletter and read them, to have a heads up on sales and promo codes!

All order cancellations must be done in writing via email. AIRFRAG requires written documentation on all order changes is the reason for this.

Shipping Policy

Restricted Areas for Airsoft Guns

We cannot ship to Washington DC as all types of airsoft are banned from this district.  It is the buyers responsibility to know local city or municipality laws and AIRFRAG will not be held liable for items shipped to prohibited areas. If all else fails and you are still in doubt of whether or not you can own an airsoft gun in your area DO NOT MAKE THE PURCHASE! You are probably not allowed to purchase the item !

When will my order ship?

We will process your order for shipment within 1-2 business days from the date your payment is made via our free shipping option. If you paid for our expedited service we will strive our best to offer a 1 business day handling time and your order will normally ship within 1 business day, and will also arrive much faster. See below for details. These time frames exclude weekends and holidays.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

It takes a solid 5-10 business days excluding weekends and holidays, for your order to arrive, after being processed and shipped via our free standard shipping service. If you purchased our Expedited service, your order will normally arrive within 2-3 days after being processed and shipped.

Though we strive to keep our estimated shipping time frames, our "Expedited Shipping" service is not a guarantee that you will have your order by a certain time, it simply puts your order at the front of the line (kind of like a "Fast Pass" or an "Express Pass" at a theme park, you still have to wait in a line, it's just a much shorter and faster line!)

Do you ship internationally?

We do not offer international shipping at this time however we do ship to US territories aka Puerto Rico, Guam etc.

Return Policy 

Please email our returns department via email at and request an RMA # (return material authorization), prior to sending your package back or it may be refused.

·      All Returned Merchandise must have an RMA and is to be shipped at the buyers expense to AIRFRAG before a refund or exchange can take place


Exchanges or Refunds for unopened items 30 days (subject to a 20% restocking fee)*

Exchanges or Refunds for Defective Merchandise 30 days (no restocking fee)*

*after proof of delivery

Defective Merchandise:

AIRFRAG offers a simple 30 day warranty/returns policy to cover a defective item. If your item is factory defective we will exchange the item or refund the full purchase price of the item.  Exchanges are handled via a like for like basis meaning that a replacement item will be of the same model as the item returned.  If the model is no longer available you will receive a refund or a store credit good toward any item of equal or greater value. Most name brand items have a factory warranty anywhere from 30 days to 60 days. If your item has a factory warranty then you need to contact the manufacturer if the AIRFRAG 30 day warranty period has passed.

Your item(s) must be returned in the same condition as when they were received. Any items that have been abused, taken apart aka showing signs of customer repairs (disassembled) or have missing/damaged boxes and or paperwork will be refused and sent back C.O.D. or a restocking fee may be applied from 20% to 25% of the items value and done so on a case by case basis.  There is no restocking fee for defective items that are returned that meet the above criteria.

Non-Defective Merchandise:

AIRFRAG will accept returns for unwanted items including buyers remorse for up to 30 days as long as they are unopened and returned in the same condition as they were sent.  This means no tags can be cut off or seals broken.  A 20% restocking fee is applied to all non-defective returns.  Restocking fees offset lost shipping charges and administrative costs.

Return shipping charges are your responsibility unless the mistake is ours and you request a refund. Example: We sent the wrong item by mistake.

Holiday Returns Policy:

All orders delivered on or after November 23 – Dec 24 will be covered under our extended holiday returns policy. The returns period for all orders delivered after that date will be extended to start on December 25th.

Warranty Exclusions:

Use of cheap BBs

Using an unpolished seamed BB with low tolerances aka most BBs found at Wal-Mart ,sporting goods stores, or department stores will result in your airsoft gun or rifle to prematurely fail.  BBs should always be purchased directly from an airsoft specific shop and should always say polished and seamless on the label.   Use of .12g BBs is only meant for cheaper light FPS guns.   Use of a .12g BB on a high FPS (300 or higher) AEG or spring gun is bound to cause jams which can tear up the inside of your expensive AEG.  This counts as improper use and will void the AIRFRAG return policy as well as the manufactures warranty.

Furthermore, the increase in FPS that a .12g BB gains is negated by the loss of mass in the BB.  For instance a .20 gram BB will penetrate further and hit its target more accurately than a .12g lightweight BB.  If .12 gram BBs are used they must be polished and AIRFRAG would recommend that only Cybergun .12g Ultrasonic BBs be used IF a .12g BB must be used.  Please remember that .12g BBs are primarily used to chrono guns to give a high FPS reading.  This does not make them suitable for daily use and use of them is done so at the buyers risk and voids the AIRFRAG return policy as well as any manufacturers warranty.

Substandard BBs can be identified by observing the BB.  If you can feel the seams on a BB or if you can visibly see that the BB is out of round then the BB is not suitable for use. Imperfections will cause BB jams which cause premature failure. The use of improper and/or substandard BBs will void not only our warranty policy, but any manufacturer warranty as well.

Abuse and Neglect:

Improper use, abuse, or neglect of an item will void the warranty on a product.  Damages as a result of disassembling or modifying an item, improper storage, dropped products, exposure to liquids, extreme weather exposure, and the use of batteries greater than 9.6 Volts  are considered improper use and will void the AIRFRAG and manufacturers warranty. 


Removal or the attempt to remove the blaze orange tip as required by federal law will void any warranty.  Product failures as a result of any attempted alteration, modification or disassembly of the airsoft gun resulting in failure is not covered under warranty.

Pricing/Order Mistakes

AIRFRAG will not be held liable, for any pricing or availability mistakes. AIRFRAG reserves the right to cancel any order, at any time, for any reason AIRFRAG sees fit. In the event of a pricing mistake we will cancel your order and refund your payment in full. You will then be invited to re-order the products, at the corrected price. In the event that our inventory is incorrect AIRFRAG will place your item(s) on backorder and attempt to contact you to determine if you want to wait or if you would rather have a refund. If contact cannot be made within 2 business days of trying we will refund your money and cancel your order.

Legal status of products

1. Age: You are at least 18 years of age and do not know of any local, state or federal laws that would prohibit you from purchasing or owning the items you are about to purchase.

2. Exempt States: At the time of purchase you understand that it is the customer's responsibility to investigate state, local and federal laws which may prohibit the use, or possession of any item sold by AIRFRAG.  Shipping to Washington D.C is prohibited and any orders placed that are to be shipped to this district will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

3. Liability waiver: You the customer will hold harmless AIRFRAG in the event that you violate any laws and that you also hold harmless AIRFRAG in the event of injury, of any kind, associated with any item purchased.

Some items listed on this website may be illegal in your area for possession by those under 21. It is your responsibility to check all of your local laws concerning the ownership, use and possession of any item found on

It is the responsibility of the buyer, not AIRFRAG, to ascertain, and obey, all applicable local, state and federal laws in regard to the possession, and use, of any item purchased from AIRFRAG. All equipment sold is subject to any local, state or federal ordinances. Consult your local and state laws before ordering, if you are in doubt. No sales to minors. By placing an order, the customer represents that the products ordered will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age. AIRFRAG will not be held liable for the misuse of any product purchased from AIRFRAG or any of our distributors and dealers.

Privacy Policy

This is extremely simple! We at AIRFRAG know what it is like to get email spam or to receive phone calls from annoying solicitors. We will never share your information with anyone outside of AIRFRAG, nor will your information within AIRFRAG be used to solicit products that we do not offer. You like the items we sell, and we are only going to contact you about them. Upon placing an order with AIRFRAG you will automatically be signed up for our newsletter. Our system does this as a courtesy, mainly due to the fact it can save you money! We love to run sales and or offer promo codes! The only way you will know that these special offers are available is through our newsletter. Please note: You may unsubscribe at any time, directly through the email being sent or via our home page.

AIRFRAG reserves the right to change the web site Terms and Conditions without notice. We highly recommend reading the terms and conditions, every time you place an order, in case any changes have been made. When you check the box stating you have read and understand our terms and conditions, you will be bound by them, regardless if you read them or not.



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